What is Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc?

The Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc is a set of ASP.NET MVC UI components and a toolset used to create them.

The components are based on well-known Bootstrap 4 and dedicated to ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET MVC 5 frameworks. A toolset consists of a fast parser of HTML code and classes allowing the manipulation of the HTML code in a similar way to the jQuery library.

Version 1.0.0 is Released!

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Write Less - Save Your Time

The use of the Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc library allows to write a code quickly and efficiently as all repeating elements are generated automatically on the basis of the provided arguments.

Parameters of the methods configurating the controls are mostly of enum type. That is why, we do not need to care about typos. Embedded suggestions allows to see all available options without checking the documentation.

Less writing a code in views allows to save time and focus on more important aspects of the application.

Less Code - Easier Maintenance

Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc allows to generate complicated controls invoking only a few methods and providing several arguments. It allows to see the control purpose and the used data type immediately.

Simultaneously, thanks to embedded refactoring tools it is easy to introduce changes, and a compilation and object orientation of helpers permit to avoid typical mistakes while making some minor modifications.

Less unnecessary, repetitive code allows easier control of views. Owing to that, it is easier to maintain existing applications.

Easy Modification

"Ready-made sets of controls are hard to modify and their advantages are no longer valid if we need a functionality that was not foreseen by authors."

The Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc controls are built on the basis of the object that in use resembles jQuery and contains a set of similar methods. On the other hand, the HTML code of the controls is based on a well-known and documented framework Bootstrap 4.

A situation when a control has every functionality apart from the one that you need would never happen. You can add it easily.

Custom Controls

"Even an extensive set of controls will not contain everything what I need in the project."

A Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc package provides abstract classes, which allow to easily create custom controls. The controls can be created as object-oriented or thanks to a parser integrated into the package you can base them on the already existing HTML code.

You would be able to easily create new controls from scratch or by using already existing components.


The Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc library contains an object-oriented implementation of the majority of controls included in the Bootstrap 4 package, for example, Button, Form, Table, Pagination, NavBar, Card, Dropdown Button, Tooltip, Popover and many others. Everything available in form of helpers with a Fluent interface.


Wojdav Bootstrap Mvc 1.0.0


  • First Stable Release.
  • Fixed DropDownListFor component.
  • Added IEnumerable<IOption<TModel>> items parameter to ListBoxFor extension method.
  • Updated Wojdav-Bootstrap-Mvc.AspNetCoreMvc and Wojdav-Bootstrap-Mvc.AspNetMvc5 to 1.0.0 version.
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You can use the library for free in non-commercial projects for an unlimited period of time. The library does not require providing a license key or a subscription - you buy the license only once. I believe that if you use the library for commercial purposes, you will buy the license.


Free License

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May be used for an unlimited period of time
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Personal License

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Company License

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May be used in commercial projects
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May be used in an unlimited number of projects
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One license entitles to use the library at only one place of work.
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